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Since childcare is such a personal decision, even in this electronic age of communication we encourage you to make a phone call to the school and speak directly to Fran or Sherri, co-directors at 413-568-9822.  This way you can tell us your needs and we will arrange for a visit to the school during a regular school day.  You can also contact us at ckids1251@comcast.net. We feel you will be impressed with the quality and care our students and parents receive everyday, along with our beautiful New England setting. 

                               ANNOUNCING A NEW PROGRAM

Creative Kids "Twaddler" room ( toddler children under 33 months) is filled to capacity, so we have added the "Sprouts" room.  The "Sprouts" are 12 - @ 24 months old and the new room will be ready by September 2015.  By having a room for the little "Sprouts," we can specialize our daily schedule just for them.  Shauna Collins and Sara Austin will take on the "Sprouts" while Kate Koske and Andrea Robare will transition the "Twaddlers" until they are ready to go into our "Little Critters" room with Kelly and Diane.


      Creative Kids full day pre-school is licensed to serve children aged 12 months through 6 years. Our full day program operates on a twelve month basis, Monday - Friday, 7:00a.m.- 5:30 p.m.

     To better meet the children’s and teachers' needs, we have divided our daycare program into smaller groups according to age.   By following this concept, younger and older children are not mixed in the same rooms for the day.   Little Critters are young 3's -4 years old. The classroom is limited to only 13 children with 2 teachers. The Jitterbugs are 4 years old and they have only 15 in the classroom with 2 teachers.  The Busy Bees are younger 5's up to kindergarten. There are only 18 busy bees with 2 teachers.   Our youngest Sprouts (12 - 24Months) and Twaddlers (25 - @36 months) have only 9 children with 2 teachers in each room.
       Each program is designed to provide a safe, warm, and consistent environment for the child, with ample opportunity for discovery, stimulation and enrichment. Our programs stress areas of competence such as language development, creative expression, concept formation, recognition of relationships, along with fine and gross motor coordination skills.  And by the way, we always have fun doing it!



Creative Kids’ half-day nursery program is designed for children ages 2.9 to 5 years old. The Pre-K program has been developed for children who miss the August 1st cutoff date for kindergarten eligibility or the oldest in the groups enrolled at the time. The programs operate during the school year and basically follow the Westfield public school calendar. The children enrolled in the programs attend either the morning or afternoon sessions. The classes are limited to only 10 children which gives their teacher ample opportunity to know each child. The three day classes meet Monday, Wednesday, or Friday; the two day classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Each class meets for 3 hours.


 $190.00/MONTH FOR Monday, Wednesday and Friday Class, mornings

 $155.00/ MONTH FOR Tuesday & Thursday a.m. pre-school class.

Creative Kids also offers an extended nursery program on Tuesday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. for 4 year olds who miss the August 1st cutoff. These children also get to have lunch here with their friends!

$100.00/WEEK for extended nursery




Visit "Our Programs" for more details!
Half-day Preschool
Morning and afternoon classes offered 2, 3 or 4 half days a week for children 2.9-6 years. School year schedule and limited class size

Summer Adventure
Wonderful summer theme experiences especially designed for out part time preschoolers. Weekly session all summer long held Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Special field trip or entertainment each week.


Creative Kids Goals

Creative Kids Offers Full Time Care for toddlers to preschoolers as well as half day Nursery programs. One of our many goals is giving parents a sense of well-being when leaving your child at Creative Kids.  We recognize that parenting is challenging enough without being concerned about your child's welfare while at work, taking a personal "mental health" day or just grocery shopping alone!  We want every parent to know their child is in capable hands and will be treated with respect to give them the best preparation for a successful school career.  In other words, we want you to know your kids are always having fun while they are learning.


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